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December 23. 2019 - Free 'Leolina' outline added to Products & Freebies.

Horses by @Carolas_Collection

Meet Princess, Infi and

their friends and foes!


My Indie Project: YLW

A lovestory about all the things you can never have. Webcomic, fantasy love drama.


Children's Learning Books

Various freelance illustrations.


Remember Zork?

A concept for a film trailer based on the text adventure game Zork.

This is my bachelor's degree final project.



Various work.



Design suggestions based on model horse brands: Breyer, Peter Stone & Copperfox Model Horses.

+ Downloadable outlines


About Me

Cand.des (MA) from KADK with specialization in Production Design and Visual Game & Media Design /2017 (not making a living from it, but have done a few freelance jobs).

Born in 1986, Denmark.

Proud mom who loves to read comics, play video games, collect model horses and jog in the local forest.

Working as care assistant.


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