Vasily Roman is a highly respected general, but a horrible husband. He will eventually pay the ultimate price!


A love drama set in a fantasy world.


16+ Contains mature themes and foul language.


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Latest update: June 6th 2018

YLW Part 1: Seed

Part 1: Seed

Part 5: Secrets of Men/Stray Wife

Part 2: Durable Men

*Try the experimental digital edition of Part 5 ---> HERE

(Controls: Click/hold and swipe up/down or right/left with the cursor as if on a touch device or as if turning a book page.

Move the cursor to activate parallax effects.


Currently only working in desktop/laptop computer browsers.)

Part 3: The Girls Are

Out Tonight

Part 6: Face of the Doorman

Part 4: Rejected

Part 7: Just One Bullet/Crazy in Love

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